Calling all MEN!

This post is directed to all the lovely men out there!

Our current situation has turned all of our worlds upside down. We are not only faced with the uncertainty of this imminent viral storm, but we have financial concerns, food scarcity, loss of business as well as social isolation. Which for many of you means being under the same roof with your families for extended periods of time. This is new territory for all of us, and I can put my hand up and say it’s already driving me a bit nuts!

Uncertainty brings up a lot of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. Women are hardwired in these situations to plan, prepare and communicate, which reduces these feelings of anxiety. Many of us have been, or are stay at home mum's and have experience with feelings of being dis-empowered, disconnected and having a complete lack of privacy! So when I say, men we need you.... I mean, that we need you to understand that we know that this new experience of home isolation can be tough. We also need you to understand that you’re not carrying these burdens alone. But most of all, we need you to know that no matter what happens, we don’t care about the houses, cars or fancy clothes. WE ONLY CARE about our families staying HEALTHY, STRONG and TOGETHER.

We ask that you adapt to this new way of being, by not burying your head in the sand, or worse a bottle. Rather seeing this as an opportunity to RESET, to be empowered in a new way. To get valuable time with your kids, reading, teaching them and getting to know what their average day is like. This is an opportunity to go beyond surviving a crisis and actually thrive from it.

If you are watching/reading and you have a special man in your life, brothers, a father, husband or male friends that you need to hear this message, then please forward this along.

Finally, I’ve included some suggestions below and some links to some great support networks during this time, both mental health, entertainment ideas and the Australian government’s financial services support line.

Please seek help if you need it. Take Care.


Mental Health Support:







Financial Support:

If financial hardship is a concern, there are resources and helplines to get support: For information and services provided by the Australian government, please visit Services Australia. If you are experiencing financial hardship, National Debt Helpline offers free financial counselling.



· Learn guitar – 3 months free tuition:

· Met Opera is streaming live performances nightly:

· Netflix Party – Watch movies together:

· Free Audio Books, eBooks, Colouring Books, and More:

· Free books and audiobooks:

· 10 free university art classes:

· Be a penpal with a senior:



· Adult and family personal training, visit or contact Mel at

· Family movement activities:


Medical Support

· Chronic pain:

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